My New Studio

My new studio continues to be a work in progress. But I’m very excited to unveil it for the first time!

I coloured these butterflies 26 years ago for my step-father as a Father’s Day gift. Not bad for a 10 year old:)  They hung above his bed and remained there until he passed away on January 25th 2011.  Now the picture sits on the desk in my studio.  It’s a reminder to me of how new and glorious  things can come after a long season of waiting.  Over the past few years this picture has also served to awaken in me a passion for photographic art and interior decorating.

CREATIVITY/ BELIEF/COMPASSION/JOY:  These are words to live by! I got this cute box from a friend.  I keep some of  my most important treasures in it.  One day I’ll tell you about what’s inside.

I just love Inspiration Boards! They are one of my favourite things to work on and display.  Of course they change with time.  But there are a few things that always seem to stay front and center for me, like the two girls dressed as princesses and the words “BE YOU.”    This phase has probably been the most difficult thing to do this past year:S  But I’m working on it.  As you might have gathered I LOVE hospitality.  Much of this blog will be about hospitality. So I won’t go on and on about it now.  But I just have to say I love taking pictures of dinner tables and anything related to a party.  So that is always a big theme on my Inspiration Board as well.

Like most everyone else I am looking forward to  Spring.  Will it ever get here!?  I can’t wait for the warm weather.  I’m going a little crazy keeping my 3 year old happy in doors! But I’m also anticipating a new season of soul.  A season where I can share my home and my gifts of love with others.  And a season where this studio will come to life with creative beauty:)


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