The Gift of Family

For those of you who haven’t heard our Adoption story, I’d like to share some of it with you now.  My husband Ian and I set out to start a family almost 8 years ago.  There were countless disappointments along the way.  It has been about 5 years since we first began the process of adoption.

We decided to raise the $3,000 necessary to do our Home Studies privately,as we would be put on an indefinite waiting list if we went with the public system.  God provided the money we needed in just one month!  We are so thankful for the people who supported us in this.

The experience with our private worker Mary was amazing.  She truly felt more like a friend and not someone attempting to dig up our entire life history.  Little did we know it was this relationship with Mary that God would use to set everything else in motion.

After our Home Studies were complete we signed on with Family & Children’s Services because we knew we couldn’t afford the $15,000-$20,000 that it would cost for a private adoption.

But “out of the blue” after only a month or two of waiting we received an email from Mary.  She wondered if we might consider a private adoption situation through Beginnings Adoption Agency.  She was having trouble finding a match  for one particular unborn baby.  She went on to tell of the potential health risks.  She also said not to worry about the financial piece at this stage.  So we said yes and we prayed…

We considered the risks and wondered if this might be “the one”. We were excited.  But had our doubts after going through so many disappointments.  We couldn’t bear another broken heart.

As we waited for the decision from the birth mom, our hearts were full of excitement and also anxiety wondering if we would be the family who was picked.  After three days we got the long-awaited phone call.  Ian and I were at the office and Ian picked up the phone.  It was Mary on the line and she said, “Congratulations…you are going to parents!” We had been chosen!

And thus began our very busy 30 days of preparation.  We met the birth mom for the first time.  We signed paperwork. We went to IKEA, of course:)   We repainted the baby’s room. We cleaned and then cleaned some more. We even had sleepless nights and sympathy pains.

During this time we learned that before we were even contacted many other families were being considered—but all 13 fell through.   We learned that we were one of three families profiled on that day.  We were also told that Beginnings was willing to cover $13,000 worth of costs.  We contributed the $2,000 that we had saved.  Beginnings was the only agency in Ontario at the time that would consider subsidy for a private adoption.  Perhaps it still is.  Surely this is a plan that only God could put together!

Quinton David Peers was born on July 20, 2010 at 7:29pm at St. Thomas Hospital.  We were able to join Quin in hospital for a 2-night stay before bringing him home.  We are so grateful to have been given those first few precious hours and days with our son.

Throughout this entire experience it is so obvious to us that God made everything possible.  God has given us so many wonderful gifts.  Gifts of finance, friendship, and above all…the gift of family.


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