Easter Egg Decor

Easter Egg BouquetEaster BlessingsEaster Egg BouquetGlitter Egg

I love Easter.  The promise of new life, the colours, the food, cute Spring dresses, and of course eggs!

This Egg Bouquet was made using coloured glitter eggs I found at Goodwill.  I stuck skewer sticks in the bottom at different lengths and then bundled them with some bare twigs and put them in a glass kitchen canister.  I like using glass containers so that the texture at the bottom can be seen.

The white eggs in the globe vase are actually just plain Styrofoam ones tied with hemp thread.  Thankfully no boiling required.

It feels a bit strange that Easter is so late this year.  But I guess it definitely matches the timing of the weather outside.  I hope you take the time this Easter season to enjoy the pleasure that a simple egg affords, especially the chocolate ones!

 “Just as the hard shell of the egg is broken open so that new life can emerge, so was the rock-hewn tomb of Jesus broken open when he rose from the dead on the third day.” – fullhomelydivinity.org


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