Spare Room


Napkin DesignA good friend of mine has a lovely home and in it there is a “Spare Room”; A place where women can go to rest and be restored.   It has always made me think of the Upper Room where Jesus and His disciples ate the Passover meal the night before He died.

Over the past couple of years I have spent a lot of time at “The Spare Room.” I go there to be with God, to pray and listen.  I go there to eat and enjoy a deep and blessed sleep; something that for much of the time has escaped me.

My friend prepares a delicious meal for me in her quaint and humble kitchen. A table is set with round place mats, fine floral dishes, and cloth napkins. And I’m distinctly aware that Jesus will be joining me for lunch.  There is certainly enough food arranged on the Country-Chic serving tray to share.  But if I’m honest I’ll tell you that I usually eat all the food that is put in front of me:)

Each room in my friend’s house speaks of something more than a place to eat and sleep.  The rooms bid you to find meaning in the small and simple things.  You see the warmth and beauty that the home has to offer and you know it can’t possibly be manufactured by the media or by having more money.  If you look closely you see where humanity and holy meet.

Jesus longs for us to meet Him.  He longs for us to create some spare room in our hearts for Him.  And He desires to share a meal with us–In this life and in the one to come.


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