Tulip Celebration


Tulips at Dusk 2

“I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.”

 It was nice to spend some time today with Quin cleaning up our backyard and raking the garden.  Definitely long overdue.  No, sadly this is not a picture of my garden.  For some reason whenever I plant tulip bulbs they don’t seem to grow very well.  But this apparent weakness of mine makes me all that much more grateful to be able to enjoy the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton whenever I can.

Ian and I had a Membership a few years ago.  We loved going to the “Flower Celebrations.”  I think that’s such a lovely way to describe a flower’s season to be in bloom…a celebration!  Of course April/early May is when the  gardens are overflowing with tulips.  Hundreds of different kinds and colours.

I like tulips because they have a simple and yet hardy quality to them.  The stems and leaves are unashamed to be seen for what they are.  And I love how the flower opens towards the sun as wide as it possible can.  When it begins to do this I get the feeling that it’s longing for something more.  Like it’s fulfilled.  But it still yearns.  I suppose this is what life is like.  I know for me it is much of the time.

Tulips were my step-dad’s favourite garden flower.  He planted a ton of them one year and enjoyed watching them grow as the years went on.  Today, April 11th is his birthday.  So it’s timely that I should write about tulips.  I’m thankful that today a garden has served to remind me of  Stan and of God’s limitless love and creativity.


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  1. I feel the same way about tulips – always looking forward to see them after long and white winter….my dream is to see Tulip Festival in Ottawa and Holland, Mi!!!!

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