Will You Marry Me?

This Thursday (May 1, 2014) Ian and I will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary!  October 12, 2003 was the day he proposed.  I knew he was going to propose soon.  But I wasn’t sure when.   It was a Sunday and pouring down rain.  We were at church that morning and afterwards our friends dropped us off downtown (London).  Ian wouldn’t tell me where we were going or what he had planned.  So I followed with curiosity and excitement.

By this time the rain had stopped and the sun was shining, thankfully.   We ended up at the Covent Garden Market.  He told me to wait against the side of the building and that he would be back in a minute.    The butterflies in my stomach were increasing as I waited.  An older woman came up to me and handed me a letter and a map.  As I read the letter I couldn’t stop laughing.  And I thought “today’s got to be the day!”  I had explicit instructions to follow the map exactly.  So I did.  Ian was worried that I wouldn’t  (I can’t imagine why).  He thought I might end up getting there before he did:)

At the entrance of the London Peace Garden I found a beautiful long-stemmed red rose.  But Ian was no where in sight.  I looked further along the path and I saw a trail of red and white roses.  I picked up each one laughing and crying at the same time.  Then Ian came around the corner from behind the bushes holding a single red rose.  He bent down on one knee, pulled a ring from his pocket and asked me to marry him.  And as you know, I said YES!

We’ve been through so much over the years.  I would say that our life together has been one big adventure after another.  It hasn’t been without its risks and uncertainties.  And it definitely hasn’t been boring.  Especially since becoming parents almost 4 years ago.  When I think of our marriage I think of a bronze wall or an iron gate.  God has used the hardships we’ve experienced to help strengthen our love and respect for one another.  And I feel like with God we can do anything.

Ian, you are an amazing man.  The past 10 years with you have been the best of my life.    Thank you for being faithful to protect, comfort, and lift me up.  You have cherished and believed in me like no one else.  I love you.  Happy Anniversary!

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  1. Hi Renee….I wasn’t aware of your proposal story. How romantic and fun!!! Happy Anniversary friend:) Blessings on many more years together…growing strong in His grace.
    Love, Juanita

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