Pondering Friendship

OrchidIt has been a revelation of sorts and a comforting thought to realize that my friendships don’t need to be perfect in order to hold beauty.  And in fact they cannot–be perfect.  People as well as friendships go through seasons just like this stunning orchid plant.  The flowers are not always in full bloom.  Sometimes they appear to be dead and lifeless.  But that doesn’t mean they won’t have their time to blossom once again.

I’m learning that friendship is not meant to meet my deepest needs.  God has made me with needs He has promised to satisfy with Himself.  Friendship is not something I “take” in order to make myself feel better about who I am.  Instead friendship is mutually offering ourselves as a gift to the other.  Not in order to be compared, judged, and changed.  But to reveal something of the goodness God in this world.

At the beginning of June I have the pleasure of going to The Divine Women’s Conference at Koinonia Christian Fellowship in Bloomingdale, ON with some of my friends.  This will be my third year in a row.  On the invitation they sent out it says “YOU ARE valued, precious, and altogether lovely.”  I just love the way they make each individual woman feel beautiful and loved even though there are hundreds of us in the room.

The theme this year is “flourish” based on Psalm 92:13.  I can’t wait hear more of what it means  to be “planted” in God’s house and to experience the kind of love that makes friendship flourish.

Planted in the House of God



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  1. Renee…I too am anticipating all that God desires to lavish on each of us at “Divine”!
    Thank you for your insightful thoughts on friendship.

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