New Establishment: Before Pictures

I like the idea of capturing before and after pictures.  When I look back it serves to remind me how much love and hard work goes into achieving a dream.  And this dream would not be possible without God going before us into the great unknown.  And it certainly wouldn’t be possible without the help from my amazing family and friends.  The Generous Host is about coming together to make people feel at home.  It’s about extending hospitality to the stranger and outcast.  And it’s about how God’s goodness shines through in even the darkest places.  In every product we sell or party we host, my hope is that these values will be apparent.

The Generous Host is moving in around the corner from Kitchener Market very soon (18 Eby Street South).  But before we can do that we’ve got some work to do!  Over the next few weeks we will be working to get our new establishment ready for our Grand Opening sometime in August.  We’ll start with a generous helping of fresh paint in Benjamin Moore’s Natural Cream.  Then outfit our Kitchen space with everything we need to begin making Granny’s Cheesecake in a Jar.  In the meantime we are still taking order for Custom Hand-Painted pillows.  So if you are looking for a creative wedding gift or want to freshen up your home we’re here to help.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress and we’ll be sure to post the “After” pictures soon:)


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  1. Looks amazing, can’t wait for the grand opening. Best of Luck, hard work but I am sure it is worth it. Congrats!

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