Finding My Courage

Quin loves the water:) He’s like his mama that way.  Here he is in his pool the summer of his first birthday.  At this age it wouldn’t (and didn’t) take much for him to topple over the side onto the grass.  But now he’s a pro.  Just last week  he was jumping off the side of a pool with complete abandon (with water wings on of course.)  I only had the pleasure of seeing this on video as he was away for the week at Nana and Papa’s.   When he got home we watched the video together.  He told me that he “found his courage” in the pool that day:)

A disciple named Peter had a similar experience. He climbed out of a boat and actually thought that he could walk on water.  What gave Peter the courage to do such a thing?  He trusted Jesus with his life.  After all, Jesus was already out there on the water.  And like Quin, all he needed to do was believe, find his courage, and take the leap.

I’m thankful to have an amazing Saviour who invites me to experience the miraculous.  And I’m blessed to have such inspiring little boy to look up to:)

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