My Beach Baby

One of my favourite childhood memories is time spent at the beach.  A large cooler of food would be packed with sandwiches, fruit, and every other kind of snack that tastes better just because you’re eating it at the beach.  But there is the pesky “sand issue” to contend with of course.  One must be very careful and there are rules around “managing the sand” while visiting the beach:

1.  Don’t shake off your blanket in the direction the wind is blowing especially if it means blasting the people next to you.

2.  Rinse and dry your hands before attempting to apply sunscreen.  Otherwise you’re in for a “rough” experience.

3.  Keep sand out of the cooler otherwise you’re in for a “sandwich”, literally!

To celebrate Quin’s first birthday we took him to the beach.  And as you can see everything and everyone was covered in sand!  On that particular day the Sand Rules did not apply and I think it made our time that much more fun:)

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