The Best Boy in the Whole World

I can’t believe my little boy turns 4 tomorrow!!  On July 20, 2010 we were blessed to welcome Quinton David Peers into the world and into our hearts.  On this day our dreams of having a family came true.  Most days since then have been long. But the years have been short.  Being a mother has certainly stretched and challenged me in ways I never expected.  And every day I am in awe of how my heart continues to expand and overflow with love for this little guy.

Quin and I share many sweet moments. But one of my favourites is this:  For the past few years I’ve been saying to Quin,

“You’re the best boy in the whole world.”

After saying it over and over several times he began answering back with,

“Yes I am!”

I’m glad he knows just how special he is:) Happy 4th Birthday Quin!  Mommy & Daddy love you! xo

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  1. And you and Ian are the very best parents for Quin!!!!!!!! Remember that on the hard days:) He is so blessed to be so loved.

    Blessings Renee…

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