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With only 2 days away from our Grand Opening Celebration I thought it would be fitting to share the After Pictures:)  It’s been 3 months since we began this journey.  And now we are finally ready to open our doors!!  It probably goes without saying, but I am SUPER excited!!!:)

I’m so grateful to God for this wonderful opportunity.  He has been our strength and our most important reason to keep plugging away.  I’m thankful  for all the help we received from friends and family. I couldn’t have done it without you.  To my mother, Terri…you are an amazing woman.  You have been a huge source of encouragement. Especially during times when we weren’t sure it would all come together.  Working with you as truly been a partnership.  To my husband, Ian…Thank you for all the silent ways you have supported me.  You have always been my number one champion.  I love you<3

I hope that many of you will be able to stop in to visit The Generous Host this Saturday, September 27th between 8am-3pm.  We are located at 18 Eby St. S. Kitchener, ON   N2G 3K7 (at Halls Ln. Between King & Charles St.)  We are a 2 min walk from The Kitchener Market (FREE Parking).  Samples of our cute and yummy “Desserts in a Jar” will be available for you to try.

I’m so looking forward to what the future holds for The Generous Host!  It’s my hope that we will be an inspiration to our new neighbourhood and that everyone who walks through the doors will feel at home.




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  1. Hi Renee my mom and I are all ready for the big event. My mom walks by your store everyday and was so excited when I told her your mission and journey for this dream of yours. Blessings fiona

  2. The open house was well worth the trip. Very delicious cheese cake, good coffee and your place is so nice and welcoming. Had a wonderful time and I am so proud and happy for all of you. The hard word put into this new endeavour sure paid off. Thanks for a lovely afternoon.

    1. Thanks so much Aunt Denise! It was wonderful to see you and I especially enjoyed having dinner with you and Aunt Cheryl. What a nice treat. Thank you for your love and support <3

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