Make a Snow Globe


The Generous Host hosted a group of about 20 Moms & Tots from momstown this morning (Nov. 28/14)  for our Make Snow Globe Event.  It was such a joy to help these little ones create a special handmade gift for Grandma.  Below is a list of supplies and instructions If you’d like to make this sweet Christmas Craft at home.


-500 ml Mason Jar with Lid

– Gold Glitter Glue or Paint

-1/2 cup White Epson Salts (Unscented)

– Small Bottle Brush Trees

– Small Wooden or Plastic Ornaments

– Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks

– Paint Brush

– Gift Tag

– Ribbon or Twine


1.  Paint the bottom portion of the jar on the inside using Gold Glitter Glue or Paint.

2.  Before it dries, pour desired amount of Epson Salts and shake to coat.

3.  Glue the tree and ornament to the inside of the lid using Hot Glue.  Be sure to position the ornaments toward the center and not too close to the outer edge.

4.  Once dried, fasten lid, turn upside down, and shake.

5. Tie a personalized gift tag around the lid using ribbon or twine

Happy Christmas Crafting Everyone!:)

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