Christmas Craft Party – Take 3


We had such a fun time together at The Generous Host last night for our Christmas Craft Party.  The ladies had an opportunity to paint their own adorable Pillow, make a cute Mossy Tree, and enjoy Tea & Dessert.  Everyone did an amazing job!  I have posted the instructions for making a Mossy Tree at home if you would like to try it.  If you are interested in booking a Private Craft Party at The Generous Host for you and some friends, let us know!  Happy Crafting:)


Styrofoam Cone

Small Flower Pot

Moss Sheet (Non-Stick Backing)

Mossy Styrofoam Ball

Small Narrow Branch


1.  Attach moss sheet to cone with pins or hot glue, one section at a time.  Smoothing it out and pulling it snug.

2.  Insert mossy ball into pot.  For the large pot you may need to wrap scrap moss around or glue it down to keep it in place.

3.  Size your branch to desired height and insert into bottom of cone. Then insert other end into mossy ball.  Poke with scissors first and/or shave end of branch to sharpen.

4.  Tie ribbon or gift tag around pot or cone if desired.

5.  Display or gift to someone special.

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