Advent Socks

I love this creative way of celebrating Advent.  We started this tradition with our son Quin last year.  It’s our way of stopping each day as a family to give thanks to God, for coming to live among us in the Person of Jesus.

How It Works:

There’s a sock for every day of December leading up to Christmas.

I found this adorable clothes line at a Dollar Shop complete with mini clothes pins and mittens with the numbers already stamped.  You can be as creative as you like and make your own as well.  Then just find some coordinating Christmas socks and fill each one with a special little treat.  Small craft supplies, toys, and candy are great options.  As a way to be thrifty, this year we used Quin’s leftover Halloween candy.  He loved the idea.  He stuffed each sock, while I pinned them to the close line.  Then he helped me hang the string on the wall.  Quin called the whole process our “Factory.”  Either he is an Entrepreneur like his Mom or he’s been getting ideas from Santa’s elves:)

After dinner we say a Christmas prayer together and then enjoy the treat.

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