Spring Craft Party: Flowers in Bloom

It was a delight to host our Paper Flowers & Pom Poms Spring Craft Party this past Monday.  As we created, it actually felt as if we were ushering in the warmer weather:) I have included the instructions for making your own Crepe Paper & Watercolour Flowers at home if you are interested.

Crepe Paper & Watercolour Flowers
white crepe paper or coffee filters
watercolor paints or food coloring
spray bottle
round microwave safe bowl or glass
hot glue gun
florist tape
florist wire or old artificial tulip flower stem
1. Cut crepe/coffee filters into petal shapes
2. Turn bowl upside down and place crepe petal on top as shown
3. Spray paper with water – crepe will curl around bowl naturally
4. Gently shape crepe paper around bowl
5. Apply desired paint colour – you will notice the color will start to run down the petal; continue to apply desired paint colour gradually lighter
6. Place bowl in microwave and set time for 30 seconds – this should be sufficient time to dry the paper, but if not, reheat for another 5 seconds
7. Gently peel petal off bowl – your petal will have a beautiful concave shape
8. Remove petals from old artificial tulip to reveal the plastic core
9. Scrunch some previously painted crepe paper and glue to centre of the plastic core
10. Glue petals one at a time around core
11. Shape petals and finish by wrapping some floral tape around stem
Note: if you do not have a stem and would like to use floral wire, simply form ball shape with some pre-painted crepe paper and attach to wire with some floral tape and follow steps 1-10 above. 
(Instruction Source: www.thecraftberrybush.com. )

Happy Crafting! And more importantly Happy Spring:)

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