Counting the Things That Count

Counting the Things That Count

I have a lot of ambitions. Things I want to do.  The more I explore my creativity, the more it bursts forth inviting me to be more; Do more.  Because of these things I find myself busy and over-stretched much of the time. Yet,  even with my numerous interests and pursuits I find I can really have a one track mind.  With fierce determination I’ll overcome any obstacle that presents itself.  I see something I want and I go after it.  These traits can be good and helpful.  But I’m realizing that they can also leave me with an extremely limited vision.  It’s like I stop listening to the sound of my own heartbeat and the heartbeat of those around me.  I disregard the “stop, drop, and roll” directive that is necessary for survival.

I love this quote by Gretchen Rubin inspired by the words of Einstein.  It sounds like a mouthful, I know.  But if you unpack it slowly its meaning is rich.

“By counting the things that count- and finding a way to count the things that seem as if they can’t be counted; You’ll be sure to make room for what matters most.”

In my opinion our culture has very specific ideas about what counts.  One could arguably say that personal and individual SUCCESS is what matters most.  And it seems that success is best measured in relation to academic education, recognized accomplishments, and a person’s financial portfolio.  I like to pretend that these measurements don’t influence the way I think. But they do.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to sift through my motives and begin to live from a different reference point.

As you may have seen from my last post,  our family has been undergoing a lot of changes.  I am in the process of dismantling and moving out of my business location.  My son is undergoing assessments and occupational therapy.  And we are considering what his educational landscape will look like over the next few months.  With all of these changes I’ve taken some time to consider what I’ve been “counting” over the past several months; Have I been sure to “make room for what matters most?”  In some ways I have. But in other ways I’ve been plunging ahead without truly listening.

Even with all the difficulties and pain that accompany letting go, I’m thankful for the decision I’ve made to return home.  It’s where I’ve always wanted to be anyway.  At times I wonder if I should have ventured out the way I did in the first place.  A lot of time and money went into it and I see numerous ways I could have done things differently.  But then I’m reminded that it takes time and lessons learned the hard way to have a clear sense of what you truly want.  Please know my passion, ambitions, and entrepreneurial spirit remain.  But moving forward these things will compliment not compete against what matters most to me.   I intend on running my businesse from home as time allows.  I look forward to living and working out of this new and yet deeply familiar space once again.

Today, I hope you find yourselves encouraged as you consider what counts in your own life.  Blessings:)

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  1. Renee…again, your brave and transparent heart shows through. Be at peace with the journey you have been on the past months…yes, examine it, sift through it, but live in the peace that it was all part of God’s unfolding work in your soul, and in the life of your family. Love you…Juanita

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