Making Room For Quin

I’m realizing that to “make room” for something or more importantly someone is not as easy as it sounds.  I think this is because in order to create room, there must first be an empty space.  First in our hearts and then in our homes, churches, and marketplaces.  But empty spaces seem hard to come by especially with all the busyness that we are busy with!

“Making room” is what hospitality is all about.  That’s why we have guest rooms in our homes and why crisp linens and swans fashioned from beach towels matter so much.  But we must not forget that when we rush into the moments ahead of us we miss the moment we’re in. We miss the gift of being “present” with people.  When well-crafted agendas and low-grade judgements become our platform than others may feel tolerated at best and rejected at worst.

Within a week of closing our shop I put together a post entitled “Children’s Party Space” to promote the use of our space for birthday parties etc. Here’s what I said,

“The Generous Host is pleased to introduce our Children’s Party Space. It’s an ideal space for hosting Birthday Parties, Kid’s Craft Events, and more. The Generous Host can be transformed  into a kid-friendly space for all ages.  We have baby gates, booster seats, high chairs, toys, games, books, blankets, and pillows. All breakables will be out of sight to allow children to explore freely.  We have a Kid-Friendly Menu for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  We offer themed birthday party decorations, piñatas, paper products, and desserts.”

This post had the most views we’ve ever had on The Generous Host website in one day (over 1,500 views.)  This was and is something to celebrate. But I was sensing an uneasy feeling that refused to be ignored.  Was I creating room for Quin in my heart and throughout my home in the same ways I was attempting to do for other kids/families?  As I considered my heart space I realized that what I was hoping for from Quin was conformity. I wanted him to heed my warnings and direction.  As a parent of a little this isn’t always a bad thing. But sometimes it can be more important to see life through a child’s eyes instead of trying to force them to see things from ours.

So since then I’ve begun to listen to Quin in a new way.  I have been attempting to love him from the place he is rather than the place I wish he were.  This has inspired growth and positive change in both of us.  It has deepened the bond of love between us.  Over the past couple of weeks I have also been considering ways to make each room in our home more “kid-friendly.”  Spaces that say you are welcome here!  Quin and I have been working on his Hideaway together. It’s been a blast!  It’s a place to read, relax, and be silly.  It’s Quin’s…that’s the best part:)

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