Q-Tip Bunnies: Easter Craft Party

It was so much fun hosting the momstown’s Easter Craft Party this morning! These moms and tots are the sweetest bunch:) We made Q-Tip Bunnies, Lollipop Butterflies, and Fruit Loop Bird Feeders. They make adorable gifts or decorations for around the house. After the event I took supplies home for my son Quin. It turns out the Fruit Loops were just too tempting for him (even with a bowl of his own to eat.) Let’s just say his bird feeder never did make it outside:) Here are the instructions for making your own Q-Tip Bunnies at home if you would like to:

Q-Tip Bunnies

• 1 – 2 inch Styrofoam ball
• 1 – 1 1/2 inch Styrofoam ball
• 2 pipe cleaners, any color
• 2 googly eyes
• 1 pink small pom pom
• 1 white small pom pom
• craft glue or hot glue (adult only)
• Q-tips


1.  Break up your Q-tips. You can do this in half or in thirds for a smaller tip. I did them in thirds as the craft balls are fairly small.

2. Using one of the broken pieces of Q-tip, attach the 2 Styrofoam balls together. You can add a little glue to this to help them stay firm while you’re pressing in Q-tips.

3.  Add glue for the 2 eyes, pink nose, and white fuzzy bunny pom-pom tail. Again, you can use hot glue for this to make them more secure, as you will be spending time holding the ball as you press in Q-tips.

4.  Start pressing in your broken Q-tips. They easily press into the Styrofoam. We started with the head and worked in a spiral fashion. We used about 30-35 tips for the head of the bunny.

5.  Then on to the body of the bunny. Keep pressing in your tips. We used about 45-50 Q-tips for the body of the bunny.

6.  Cut a pipe cleaner in half. With one half, fold it over and twist the ends together. Do this for the other half as well. Then press them into the Styrofoam at the top of the head. These are your bunny’s ear.

7.  Cut another pipe cleaner in half. Fold over each half and twist it around itself. For these, as they are the bunny’s feet, you’ll want to twist them up a few more times and bend the twisted part up. This allows the feet to stand. Now press them into the bottom of the bunny for it’s feet.  (Craft Instructions Source: www.makeandtakes.com)

Happy Easter Everyone:)

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