H is for Homeschool

Homeschooling Quin is not something I thought much about until recently.  If anything, I was looking forward to when Quin would be ready to go to school.  Mainly because I thought he would thrive in this kind of learning environment.  But for a variety of reasons he didn’t.  And secondly because I have found parenthood difficult the past four years and I was looking forward to a new chapter. (As if the next chapter would be easy peasy!:)

Over Quin’s short life I have held my fair share of roles.  “Wife” and “Mother” are the obvious ones.  I have also been in “Church Staff” roles and most recently the role of  “Business Owner.”   What I’ve found is that I’ve really been stretched too thin with all of these roles and responsibilities.

Quin is at such a tender age.  I like the choice I’ve/we’ve made to give the best part of myself to my role as “Mother,” “Wife” and now “Homeschool Teacher.”  Please know that my comments aren’t meant as a judgment on mothers everywhere.  Or even that Homeschooling is the best way.  It’s just that for me and my family this is a good fit, at least for now.

Over the past month or so I’ve been reminded of some things about myself that I had forgotten.  The first being that I used to love to play “school” as a preschooler and perhaps even after I had begun Kindergarten. I loved working from those personal “curriculum” books that parents could buy for their eager learners.

Secondly, I remembered that I considered enrolling in an ECE Program (but didn’t) almost 15 years ago.  I fell in love with the kids at YMCA Daycare in Fort Erie during my placement there through Turning Point Women’s Home.   And around the same time I submitted sample writing to a Children’s Storybook publisher and got a positive response.  It’s funny how our circumstances and desires circle back to us at just the right time.

Admittedly, I’m nervous about homeschooling.  Some days it can feel like a lot of pressure. Especially, with the vastly differing opinions out there.  But we’ve been taking it one day at time over the past few weeks and things are going well.  Quin continues to recognize letters when he sees them and is beginning to understand that words are made up of the sounds the letters make.

We started with “M” for “Mom & Me” of course:)  Then “T” and this week’s letter is “B.”  I look forward to posting more about our homeschooling journey in the near future.  Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “H is for Homeschool

  1. As someone who was homeschooled for many years, I can attest to the many benefits and joys of homeschooling! Praying for a smooth adjustment to your homeschooling journey 🙂

  2. It was hard for me at the beginning to realize we wouldn’t have the life I always imagined. The years of kids in school seemed fun at first, all the people, activities,friends… We experienced it for 2 years and it was nothing like it 🙂 our life might be different than I once thought, but I’m glad for the choice given and most times it’s more amazing than I ever could have imagined 🙂

  3. Homeschooling is such a beautiful journey. It teaches us so much about ourselves and our children! I am currently homeschooling my 6yr old son and loving it! Also schooled an older son for a few years.

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