The Man I Married

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I married an amazing man 11 years ago (May 1, 2004.) .  I knew it then. But knowing it today means something entirely different.

Our life together has felt like a battle field much of the time.  Not because it’s been difficult adjusting to the strangle noises at night (coming from Ian’s side of the bed of course.)  And not because of questions like,  “Do you really think that’s the best way to do that?!

Rather, I think it’s been difficult simply because we’re deeply and divinely loved, broken-down, flawed human beings who love Jesus.  And also because life is just hard.  It’s hard for everyone at some point and for others life is hard every minute of every day.

Truthfully, marriage has been the easy part for me.  Compared to most everything else.  I’m thankful that throughout this “battle” Ian and I have always managed to have a sense of togetherness.  Fighting for the other person, instead of against.

What I know to be true today about the man I married is that he will lift me up and see the best part of me–even when it’s not so obvious.  I know that he will be patient and gentle; Quick to say sorry and quick to forgive.  He will sacrifice and he will love his family no matter what life brings.

Ian, these 11 years have been the best of my life. Happy Anniversary!




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