Venturing Out

At the beginning of this month Quin and I took our very first overnight trip together without Ian. (We did however have my mom to keep us company, thank goodness!) We travelled to Oshawa/Bowmanville to attend a birthday/retirement party and then spent three nights at my aunt’s house.  We hung out in her lovely out-door hot tub (15 min, twice daily!) We also visited her trailer, had a campfire, and took rides in the golf cart.

We also had an amazing time at the Bowmanville Zoo. Quin had his picture taken with some new friends. And to our surprise we were able to capture a Lion having fun with her big red ball.

I don’t usually venture out too far from home because of the unpredictable nature of family life.  The risks have felt too high over the years.  Risks like being even more exhausted than usual or the multiple meltdowns that seem impossible to navigate or recover from (Quin’s and mine!)

But this season I’m sensing that it’s time for a change, even with the risks.  This recent trip was the first of several trips we are planning to take this summer.  And I’m happy to say that so far our sense of joy and adventure have outweighed the challenges.

One thought on “Venturing Out

  1. Love the pictures Renee…they capture that the risk was worth it!!! I appreciate your honesty friend…you know my own struggle with risk….

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