Amber Sail’s “Alice in Wonderland”

Vintage Alice 13

I’m excited to share Amber Sail’s Alice in Wonderland photo shoot with you as well as Erin’s thoughts about the design process. (Model: Jillianne Patricia Golem)

We wanted to take the classic Alice in Wonderland that everyone loves and put a modern spin on it.  We did this by making three different versions of Alice.  In each case we choose locations that had a whimsical and dreamy feel to them.

Cute Alice (the lace dress) shows the sweeter side. Her hair in ringlets curls and white and blue smoky eye add to this look.

Retro Alice (the tutu) demonstrates how she feels trapped in a “small box.”  The miniature doll house that used helps gives us this impression.  She has a white and black smokey eye with a berry lip.

Vintage Alice is wearing a hoop skirt (made by Andrea Bowman) to show something closer to the character that everyone remembers. She has black eyshadow with a hint of blue and a touch of blush on the cheeks. She is pictured with both an updo and a more relaxed hair style.”

 May this inspire your own gift of creativity and awaken you to the possibilities!

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