My Simple Garden

Simple LivingHere is my simple garden.  It contains carrots, beans, cucumbers, and green peppers.  I have owned this sweet little plot of land for almost 5 years. But this is the first year I have planted vegetables.

I’m feeling a desire these past few months to listen more deeply to the voice of simplicity.  To take joy in the things that God has provided.  Especially the things that grow in quiet and subtle ways.

I love the idea that I can have a closer connection to what’s on my table.  I can learn to appreciate each season’s bounty instead of not giving it a moments thought.

Recently, my family has decided to commit to a smaller grocery budget.  One that requires more forethought and creativity.  This is partly out of necessity.  But it’s more because we’re realizing that less can be more.

With more I tend to become less thankful and more greedy.  In the end what I lose is inner riches.  It’s not worth the trade anymore.

It’s no secret that I virtually know nothing about gardening. The leaves of the peppers are turning yellow and falling off. The plants are too close together. Some of them aren’t draining properly. Some don’t have enough water. But even with all this, my simple garden is nothing short of a miracle. The miracle of God providing for the world he loves.

This journey towards simple living will be a process for sure. But I’m glad to at least be on the path.

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