Beginning School Again

After having Quin home from March-August (the last half of his JK year),we have decided to register Quin for half-day Senior Kindergarten.  This decision wasn’t an easy one to make because of the significant challenges he went through.  But we are hopeful because a number of things are different for him and our family this time around.  We know a lot more about what Quin’s needs are.  We know how to better advocate for him.  And we realize that some difficulties cannot be solved.  But love can always be present.

This is Quin with one of his besties. She lives a couple of doors down from us.  Quin wants to marry her someday:  “I will give her a ring, and a kiss.  And then we will have a royal dance.”  Let’s see if they can make it through their first day of SK first:)

4 thoughts on “Beginning School Again

  1. Ahhh…that is adorable…the pic and Quin’s comment!! Renee….I love what you said…”we realize that some difficulties cannot be solved but love can always be present”. Such wise words my friend. God will use you to support others in their challenges with special needs children. Love you brave one!!

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