Book Club: Charlotte’s Web

We had our first Children’s Lit. Book Club meeting last night and discussed Charlotte’s Web.  It was a great time together.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the book. I loved its honesty.  The emphasis on seasons and tradition increased the importance of place and of home for me.

We chose a “Fall Fair” theme for the party.  We ate homemade caramel apples and popcorn and drank milk and Coke from glass jars.  We discussed our favourite characters and talked about how there is a lot to learn from the least likely places.

I was inspired by Charlotte in numerous ways.  Her wisdom and humility are compelling.  As is her desire to be still instead of busy.  She waits for the right timing.  She embraces love and faces sacrifice with great courage.  Wilbur on the other hand is a bit self-focused.  But also darling.  He is young and afraid.  But at the same time calls out a certain standard of joy with his uninhibited approach to new things.

It seems that knowing you have a friend by your side can make all the difference.  Charlotte knew this well.  I think this is why I find the circumstances around Charlotte’s death so sad.  She died alone because she chose to put Wilbur’s life before her own.  No small thing for a spider to do.  That to me is the real miracle.

After Charlotte died life continued on.  Seasons came and went.  The babies were rescued.  Wilbur was saved.  Templeton the rat never wanted for any food.  And Fern grew up just as little girls tend to do.  Yes, this is a book about barnyard friends.  But really it’s a story about all of us.  If we look closely we can see ourselves in each of the characters.  And we can be spurred on towards a greater joy, love, and passion for life.

Happy Reading & Happy Fall!

Anyone who is interested is invited to join our monthly Book Club Dinner & Discussion.  Please visit the Classic Children’s Lit. Book Club for Adults page for more details.



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