Amber Sail’s “Inside Creative Minds”

We usually go into a shoot with a flexible vision of what we want to capture, leaving room for in-the-moment creativity. Our combined style favours the strong and dramatic, but this time we wanted to be as minimalistic as possible.


Portraits have this way of capturing raw simplicity, conveying the real and softer version of the subject. The idea of this shoot was to express a person rather than produce an image.


The only source of light was Erin’s homemade Christmas-light wreath, which created this beautiful balance of warmth and shadow. The wardrobe was basic, but not natural enough to convey our vision.


Showing skin in this way was something we decided together. As Christians, we do value modesty and understand the concept of being “sensitive to sin” {lust & vanity}.

Jill 2

As women, we have personally experienced the over-sexualisation of the bodies that God made in His own image. There is a thin line, and not everyone will agree where it is.


As artists, our perspective on modesty leaves room for displaying the beauty of the human body. Being intentional with posing, lighting and prop placement in this understanding created a piece we feel accomplishes this.

Jill 3

Something unique happens when Erin and I get behind a camera, but this shoot is a particularly special accomplishment. We unintentionally created a three element series capturing grunge, Grecian ambiance and classic portraitures.

Jill 5

The end result of our hours of work is viewers experiencing a moment of our creativity. And that, for an artistic mind, makes it worth it.

Jilll 4

*Model & Partner in Creative Process: Jillianne Patricia Golem

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4 thoughts on “Amber Sail’s “Inside Creative Minds”

  1. Breathtaking! A beautiful concept, perfectly portrayed. i had no idea your photography skill Renee. The intamcy of this shoot is obvious and special. Great work!

  2. I love all of them, but the lights dancing in Jill’s eyes in the last one just wowed me. You really did express the person… feels like you can see into her soul. Great accomplishment by all involved, photographer, model and writer!

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