In Memory of Mom

For many Mother’s Day is a day of double blessings.  It’s a day to remember the countless ways our mothers have loved and supported us.  And it’s a day to be celebrated by our own children.

But for others it’s a sad day.  Or at best, it’s bittersweet because our mothers have left us. They’ve either chosen to give us up or they’ve been taken from us through some expected or unexpected tragedy.

Other women have spent many Mother’s Days grief-stricken because of a child they have lost; in the womb, in their arms, or in their heart.  In some measure after 10 years of infertility, I understand this kind of pain on Mother’s Day.

It’s in this spirit of bittersweet blessing that my dear friend Juanita decided to have this pillow custom designed for herself in memory of the mother that was taken from her many years ago.

It’s my Mother’s Day gift for me, in memory of my Mom. The understanding, the growth, the healing have all been “A grace from God.”  My spiritual director, Ingrid Reichard challenged me with this truth several years ago; to believe that any new understanding or growing edge which surfaces, regardless of how painful or ugly, is a “grace from God” to lead us towards healing and wholeness.  – Juanita

I started making pillows like these because I believe that the things we surround ourselves with (especially at home) matter.  I would even go as far to say that they hold spiritual significance.  I know that many of our dearly loved treasures are just inanimate objects.   But they still have the power to inspire and encourage or drag us down.  Words and symbols can be important reminders after all.   

Memorial pillows in particular may help someone express and mark their grief in a tangible way.  Or be a way to express their gratitude or embrace a fresh start.

I love that I can help create something for someone that represents what’s in their heart.  If I can serve you or a loved one as Mother’s Day approaches please let me know.   Contact Renee about a Memorial Pillow for Mother’s Day


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