Hope After Loss

Broken-hearted 2

A dear elderly woman at our church would give me a card on Mother’s Day each year we were there (before we adopted our son.)  She knew we had been trying to conceive for several years.  This card would remind me that God knew my pain.  I was not forgotten.  And that some how God had good things in store.

Coping with pregnancy loss and infertility on Mother’s Day is a heart-breaking experience.  But like any other day you go through your cycle of grief and try to move forward.

I wanted to share this personal story from a woman who recently ordered this pillow for her friend. (The names have been changed to honour their privacy.)  It is a reminder that hope shows up all of a sudden and can take on lots of different forms.

Rejoice at her birth

You must know, my friends John and Cindy have been married 14 years and lost 8 babies all in the first 8 weeks of pregnancy.  At Christmas, she was newly pregnant again, and we were all tentative with our hope.  But during my quiet time, this verse in Luke jumped off the page and I felt it was the Lord saying, “This time she will carry to full term!” I dared to share it with her, and then it began showing up in different places and ways. I thought they were going to have a boy, but nope…it’s a her! And we’re so excited because that was Cindy’s desire! Just [wanted] you [to] know what a special thing this pillow is! – Jasmine


My heart goes out to women who will be mourning this Mother’s Day.  My hope for you is that you will find comfort even if it’s waiting in the dark.  On a personal note I am available to connect with you if you would like to talk  reneepeers@thegeneroushost.com.


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