Something Worth Fighting For

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I have often fought my way through life. Fighting for the way I think things should go. Fighting people’s opinions and expectations. Instead of just living out of the freedom I have to be me and listen to the voice within. I have often lived out the thought that says I am not enough. Not enough because I do things differently or because I don’t have the right letters behind my name.

This fight I have in me has been labeled as subversive, subordinate, pushy, and judgmental. And sometimes it is. But sometimes it’s dogged determination, a persistent perseverance and a willingness to be a warrior when needed.

I say all this because my path as an entrepreneur and as a mother has been anything but linear. It has not been what I expected. At each stage I have dug my heels in and said, “No way. Not this!”

My husband and I have survived unexplained infertility for about 10 years. Never once have I looked at a positive home pregnancy test, not once. For several years we cried and fought the death of a dream.

After deciding to grieve the loss and stop “trying” we began the long road toward adoption. We were leery of an open adoption. We were afraid birth mom would change her mind. Our lives were dissected and laid bare. And then in time we became parents to the most precious baby boy.

This week Quin was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. At almost 6 years old he has been through so much. And as parents we have been stretched thin. For the first 3 years our son woke up at least 5 times a night, sometimes for 2 hour stretches. For the next 3 years we’ve battled out of control behavior beyond what’s age appropriate. Hitting, name calling etc.

But through all of this turmoil and fighting, love has prevailed. And I have been humbled. And my resolve has deep roots.  Over the past few years my passion has increased to see my business be a reflection of who I am and who my family is. And with it the desire for an opportunity to share in the joys and challenges of it all with others.

That’s why I started The Generous Host in the first place. Because I wanted to live out of my value of creating a warm and welcoming place for people. No matter who the person is or what their shortcoming may be.  I wanted to be real with people and not be afraid to share what’s true about myself and my life. At that time I started to listen closer to the story line of my life. I remembered my favourite childhood movie Annie and how when I was just 4 years old I felt a strong bond and a love for orphans.

I’ve come to realize that Nurture The Dream has been a vision that’s been unfolding my whole life.  Nurture the Dream makes it’s debut as a  FREE Community Resource Event (presented by The Generous Host) at Bingemans on Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day (Oct. 15, 2016.)

The event offers 18,000 sq. ft. of vendor space for individuals, couples and families in the Tri-Cities & Guelph Area looking for local resources that relate to adoption, pregnancy loss, infertility, surrogacy and special needs.  Entertainment will be happening throughout the day from the Main Stage as guests enjoy cake and refreshments.
Nurture the Dream will also have 3,000 sq. ft. sectioned off for Quin’s Room, a magical Children’s Party.

Our Mission:
• Nurture a child’s dream of having a permanent home
• Nurture an adult’s dream of becoming a parent
• Nurture a parent’s dream of seeing their child receive the specialized care they desperately need

We are pleased to have a number of organizations being represented so far (Adoption Council of Ontario, Adopt4Life, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Network, Little Miracles/Canadian Surrogacy Options, Fertility Care – Toronto, InYard Sensory Supplies & Toys, WeeSleep, TLC Company, Rolling Video Games, Bre Creative, Real People Foster & Family Services, KW Moms Club, Arbonne.)

This event and the community that’s starting to form around it is a very personal one. My love for God and for children is at the heart of all of it. It’s so important to me for children to have all they need in life. And I believe children are ultimately the ones to teach society what really matters.

So, I ask you to consider your mission. And I invite you as fellow entrepreneurs/pioneers or moms and dads to not be afraid of the struggle. Because struggle can crack open something worth fighting for.

*Visit or Nurture the Dream Facebook Event Page  for more details.

2 thoughts on “Something Worth Fighting For

  1. You are an incredible person and I admire your perseverance and patience and dedication!!! Wishing you and your Family the best of luck in achieving all your goals!!!😃

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Yvonna. 🙂 They encourage me to keep going. Thank you for all your support.

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