DIY Play Tent

Supplies Needed:

  • 4 –  72″ Wooden Doweling
  • 9-10 ft x 4-5 ft White or Beige Cotton Fabric or Drop Cloth
  • 1 Roll of Thick Hemp Twine
  • 4.5 ft. x 10″ Patterned Cotton Fabric (for bunting flags – optional)
  • 2 – 2ft x 3″ Strips of Patterned Cotton Fabric (for door ties)
  • 4 – 2 ft x 3” Strips of Patterned Cotton Fabric or lengths of heavy twine (for attaching large tent fabric to the doweling)
  • Triangle Template printed on card stock (for bunting banner – optional)
  • Scissors
  • Pen


  1.  Bunch and bundle the four dowels.  Crisscross them so that the bottoms form a square foot print that will be the floor of your tent.  Spread out the bottoms of the dowel and make sure they are resting securely on the ground before beginning to bundle them together. (Tip: This is easier to do with a friend’s help.)
  2. Using the thick twine wrap the doweling tightly together numerous times starting at the top of where they intersect.  The twine should cover 2-3 inches of the doweling with no spaces in between.
  3. Make a small hole at each corner of the 10 foot piece of fabric.  Thread the strips of fabric or twine part of the way through each of the holes.
  4. Tie one piece of fabric or twine to the top of the doweling where they intersect. Wrap the fabric all the way around to the other side and tie again.  There will be some overlap.  But don’t overlap the fabric where you plan to cut your doorway.  There will also be excess fabric along the bottom that can be fanned out at the back and sides.
  5. Tie the bottom of the fabric or twine to the corresponding dowels.
  6. Cut a straight line in the middle of where you want your doorway positioned. Cut about three quarters of the way up as shown.
  7.  Make a small on each side of your doorway half way up. Insert your fabric ties, tying them each in a knot.
  8. To Make Bunting Banner – Lay out the fabric on the table.   Line up the triangle template with the top edge of the fabric.  Start a few inches from the side edge of the fabric to leave a tab for tying.  Begin tracing triangles onto the fabric.  Leave a few inches at the other side edge of the fabric.
  9. Cut out the triangles. Do this in a zig zag formation. Don’t cut along the top edge of the fabric. Stop an inch or two from the top and continue the zig zag pattern.
  10. Attach your bunting at the top and bottom of one of the dowels.
  11. String small fairy or bistro style lighting on the inside or outside of the teepee – Optional.

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