“Renee, I cannot say enough about how pleased I was with everything! You totally nailed my vision and I cannot thank you enough. You guys are rockstars!” – Bride/Nicole Baumgartner

The great experience of working with you and your people has stuck with me.  I’m not just grateful for the quality of the event…My wife and I are especially enjoying the jams [from the gift basket] every day with our breakfast.  Please give our regards to the artisans who made them.     -Dave deBronkart, International keynote Speaker, author, and policy advisor of patient engagement and patient empowerment

“I was excited to go to a place where all the supports I need are all in one place! Usually my little one will last 20-30 mins at an event like this.  Three hours later we were still networking with all the amazing people you had at the [Nurture the Dream Event]. Everyone was willing to take the time, meet you, hear your story and offer advice. My daughter loved all the activities you had from the dancing to the video games, face painting and the character meet and greet. Out of all the events I have attended the past 3 years as an adoptive parent, I think that by far this one was the best. Thank you so much for putting it on and I hope you continue to do it and grow it. Well done!” – Sarah Inglis, Adoptive Parent

“Was part of an excellent show on the weekend called Nurture the Dream. There was representation from many organizations and companies related to Adoption, Infertility, Fostering, Surrogacy and related services. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place when we all heard of Clark’s journey.  Thank you to Renee Peers.  Excellent event! Hope this becomes an annual event.” – Heather Richardson, Adopt4Life Parent Liaison

“Sometimes it is the small things that are the biggest. I was reminded of this yet again over the weekend where I had the opportunity to participate in the inaugural event for Nurture the Dream.  I had the sincere privilege of hearing brave men and women share their stories.  I witnessed families and small children enjoy with excitement, face painting, video games, free toys to be won and time together as family and friends.” – The Optimistic Mama, Nurture the Dream Exhibitor

You did a lovely job on the gift baskets for our admin staff. Thank-you so very much.  -Megan MacNeil, The Centre for Family Medicine FHT eHealth Centre of Excellence 

So thankful…The food was amazing last night! Everyone loved it! The night was a success! Thanks for helping to make it so! – Laura Lee Roberts, Green Party of Canada

Many great foods.  Supreme staff.  I held a celebration [at The Generous Host] on October 27th.  – Terry Ross Ward 9 Candidate

I just received my first custom pillow. I am more than pleased with the final product. Absolutely stunning! Thank you. – Jennifer

I love YOUR pillows Renee!!! Oh thank you so very much for sharing such beautiful expressions of creativity!! – Juanita

Thanks to Renee Peers & The Generous Host for event planning services and corporate thank you gift baskets. The conference this week is sure to be a hit!!!      – Paula Lee, The Centre for Family Medicine FHT eHealth Centre of Excellence 

Oh my goodness, I am SO happy with what I purchased from you.  It’s as beautiful as its creator in every way. Thank you!Jillianne

These Granny’s Cheesecake in a Jar… AMAZING! I’m really picky.  The only one I have tried is strawberry and it was to die for. Totally worth what you pay. Christina

The open house was well worth the trip. Very delicious cheesecake, good coffee and your place is so nice and welcoming. Had a wonderful time.  – Denise

My mom and I are all ready for the big event. My mom walks by your store everyday and was so excited when I told her your mission and journey for this dream of yours. Blessings. – Fiona

I attended  [BonSoup Fest] on Oct. 25 and had the chocolate cheesecake. It was a delicious and delightful way to end my day at the soup fest. I will definitely be trying many of the other desserts you have on your menu!  – Kang

Yummy! Thank you so much. Fiancé and I devoured our first [cheesecakes] as soon as I was home. Best cheesecake I’ve had in a long long time. 5 stars. – Corrie 

Just wanted to let you know the 30 jars of cheesecake I ordered from you were a hit. Everybody loved them! Thank you so much and you will definitely hear from me again. Wonderful job!  Good luck on your expansion.  You will be a big success! Corrine

You have an awesome place! I’m glad I stopped in … All the very best with your next step!  –Donna

Thank you for the cheesecakes.  They are amazing.  I can’t wait to come get some more. Ashley

Your cheesecakes were a hit at our Thanksgiving Dinner. Thank you! Karen

So excited to partner with The Generous Host for [our] annual Christmas Card event.  It feels great to give back to Kate’s Kause and our community. – Karen Meissener of Green Apple Photography

Thanks for providing a wonderful environment and delicious cheesecake for my baby shower! Everything was wonderful. – Katie

It was lovely to visit your shop today. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours.Michela

I’m sorry to hear that you have to give up your location! But it is very understandable that your child’s future should come first. I wish you only the very best and I will always remember enjoying our evening at your location and how charming and cozy it was. Take care! Judi

Meg loves her Fox Pillow! She has named him “Mr. Foxton.”  He has a place of honour at the head of her bed.  Paula

Love your work! Congratulations on the success of your blog. Heather